2018 Japan Trip (Day 4)

Onsen and Sapporo Beer Museum

Driving in the Philippines teaches you a lot of bad habits such as swerving. We returned the car without incident (hooray!). We were too lazy to go to the gas station so we ended up paying a premium for gas.

Thinking of getting a fast-charge power bank (Anker) this afternoon (update: it cost me 5k yen).

We bought tickets to an onsen, which includes a round-trip bus pass. The onsen experience was worth the long ride. We had authentic Indian lunch after our bath. The resort had an outdoor pool where you can sit naked in hot water while snowing.  Very refreshing.

Went to Sapporo Beer Museum and had dinner at the beer garden (steak). Sapporo also produces a good stout beer. Today is my brother-in-law’s birthday.

We took a taxi back to the train station. I have a slight buzz after drinking a litre of beer. We were lucky to catch the 6:30pm shuttle back to the hotel.

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