2018 Japan Trip (Day 3)


As expected, there’s a Family Mart near the hotel.

While walking to the car rental, I slipped on black ice. Laptop is OK. My right arm absorbed the impact. Apparently, my international drivers license is not valid for Japan due to lack of required stamps (note to self: renew in Quezon City instead of Makati).

My mother-in-law did all the driving. It was a painful experience, having three of her children yell at her for every mistake made. Eventually my brother-in-law took the role of navigator (which we joked he could be a good Waze voice).

We went to a historical village somewhere up north of Sapporo (where we had lunch) and a glass museum. We drove to Otaru late afternoon to have dinner and to take pictures of the famous canal, as shown in the movie Kita Kita (we saw plenty of Chinese tourists there).

My thermal insulation worked well today versus yesterday, but my right wrist hurts from this morning’s fall.

I noticed my iPhone’s battery is starting to fail, probably due to cold temperatures.

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