2018 Japan Trip (Day 2)


My sinuses are acting up due to the cold. I wore the wrong shoes today and I did not wear any thermals underneath. I don’t even have a scarf!

We went to the chocolate factory and bought ice cream and biscuits. Now I have enough gifts (biscuits) for my co-workers next week.

We went to lunch at a tourist trap and I had a bowl of the freshest sea urchin and salmon roe. We ordered a couple of grilled fishes, too. Japan is where I could spend 5k yen on a single meal without hesitation.

We went to the Snow Festival — the city square was closed to traffic and had several snow sculptures on display. I ate a deer BBQ. We stopped at a Starbucks where I was able to browse the Internet before heading to dinner at a Ramen place. My mother-in-law slipped while we were looking at the snow sculptures. She seemed to enjoy the displays a lot — especially the Minions.

The shopping district is near Odori station.

We made our way to the shuttle service to take us back to the hotel. One guy dropped his wallet on the way to the bus and I gave it back to him.

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