Claiming a driver’s license from LTO East Avenue in 2021 (tubos)

Tubos in Filipino means “to claim”, but somehow it felt like “to pay a ransom”. After a traffic violation last week, I had 72 hours to claim my driver’s license from the main Land Transportation Office at East Avenue, Quezon City. Last Tuesday, I took my ticket and rode a Grab instead of bringing my…More

Crowds and getting the first vaccine done

I woke up at 2:00am yesterday to line up for my first COVID-19 vaccine shot. The whole process took 7 hours spent mostly waiting in line on a dark street corner with close to a thousand other people. I arrived at the vaccination site at 2:30am and found the line has already turned a corner…More

What do I care about?

“Never attempt to write about what you don’t care about.” – Gerald Weinberg The things I care about: My overall health and sanity. I will not be able to provide for my family without taking care of the basics: eat well, sleep well, and put the body to its paces. My family. It’s an entirely…More

The Battle of Helm’s Deep

I’m currently migrating a production Kubernetes cluster from Helm v2 to v3. Helm v2 has been long deprecated. We’ve been using Helm to install our services for almost 4 years, but Helm v2 has been deprecated since last year and everyone seems to have moved to Helm v3. Helm v3 no longer depends on a…More

Driving on the US Highway 1

Four years ago, me and my wife went on a vacation to the US. It was my first time to drive a car on US soil. From San Francisco, we drove north to Napa Valley and from there all the way south to San Diego. We’ve met new people and visited old friends along the…More

Build for operability

In a previous post, I mentioned something about a mullet model of production: operate a service with reliability and simplicity. I intend to expand about of the terms I’ve used there. In a software-as-a service (SaaS), production refers to the ensemble of software used to deliver a service (e.g. an eCommerce site). If you are…More

Developers on-call and deploying on a Friday

I’ve been supporting a SaaS product that we’ve built from the ground up for the past four years. This service, despite some bad initial decisions and staff churn, managed to survive and bring in some revenue to the owners. Today I was paged (received a message) about a critical feature that is still broken in…More

Instant vs brewed coffee

I’ve switched to instant coffee a few years ago when I became a parent. I just wanted my caffeine hit done and with minimal fuss. This led to preparing several cups of coffee during the day (I only needed a steady supply of coffee and hot water). Lately I missed the smell of freshly brewed…More

Pushing past the stupid hour

Just before sleeping I had an idea for a bug that I’ve been working on. Identifying the problem took most of the time. While brainstorming for ideas, I noticed my mind was giving me all these SWAGs (silly wild-ass guesses). After a short pause, I ruled out these ideas and eventually found the culprit. I…More


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