To be a better man

In his interview with Steven Pressfield (The War of Art, The Legend of Bagger Vance, etc.), Joe Rogan mentioned that he didn’t have any goals. Instead he wants to get better at what he does. He thinks there’s an art towards becoming a better person.

I remembered a Chinese TV drama (To Be a Better Man). The protagonist, a Michelin-starred chef Lu Yuan had everything, but his risk-seeking behavior for the next high cost him his relationship with his girlfriend and then he lost his career after being incarcerated. Only his best friend (who died on the first episode) was there for him. Lu Yuan took his best friend’s death as a signal to rebuild his life, make amends, and restart his culinary career (he lost his sense taste for most of the series).

Around a month ago I was asked if I had a desire to change the world. My answer was all I wanted to do is to stay in the game (software) for as long as I can. What I didn’t say was I there was always that need to continuously get better, not only because the field is competitive (and biased towards youth), but also by getting better, the people around me get better as well. Getting better at something shouldn’t be at the expense of the people around you.

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