2018 Japan Trip (Day 5)

We were able to make it to the 9:00 bus for the airport.

Sapporo to Tokyo

Glad we came to the airport early because the check in line is long. It took us more than one hour to check in and get past security.

The food selection past the security line is not so good. Only coffee and pastries are being sold. There will be a lot of dinner options once we settle in Shinjuku.

Turbulent ride on our flight to Tokyo.


There’s a stark contrast with the number of people on the streets of Shinjuku vs Sapporo. We took the long route and walked with our luggage to the Airbnb place (2 kilometres away). They’ve ignored my suggestion of taking a taxi/Uber. I was a bit annoyed and was in a bad mood for a good part of the evening.

We had dinner at Kabukicho (took and Uber to get there). My wife and I retraced the places we’ve visited in 2015.

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