2018 Japan Trip (Day 6)


Tokyo is colder due to wind chill.

To kill time before the Ghibli schedule, we went to Tokyu Hands to buy small stuff. One group went to Harajuku. We re-convened at the JR station (this station is huge) before heading to Ghibli.

Studio Ghibli

The trip to Ghibli was worth it. The first exhibit had a zoetrope, which for some reason had brought such joy when I saw it (a robot with pigeons flying).

The museum had so much attention to detail, even the diaper changer had to be on theme.

One section of the museum was devoted to the craftsman’s workshop, where several drafts are shown. One room was specifically for food and how the animators studied how to draw food by simulation (they had lifelike replicas).

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