2018 Japan Trip (Day 1)

Author’s Note: I recently found my notes I wrote during our family trip to Sapporo more than four years ago.

NAIA Terminal 3

We Filipinos prefer to be arbitrary. This does not mix well with airports where you want people to easily flow to their flights. In the men’s room, there was a human hand towel dispenser. If I had OCD I would have freaked out when someone handed me a paper towel with their bare hands.

We saw a group of Filipinos heading to Japan on what would seem to be official government business (some were carrying diplomatic red passports). Their clothes for travel are relatively new which would suggest they are not regular travelers (i.e., not assigned to a foreign post). I checked the Internet and there does not seem to be a roadshow in Japan (I could be wrong). From what I could tell, these are delegates to a JICA conference.

ANA Flight to Narita

All Nippon Airlines seems to be an all-Boeing fleet, just like Alaskan Air or Southwest. Food was good (I had chicken teriyaki). They also served food with actual silverware!

Connecting flight to Sapporo

(edit September 2022) We had to transfer to another flight to Sapporo. I remembered having to wait longer than usual for our next flight.

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