What do I care about?

“Never attempt to write about what you don’t care about.” – Gerald Weinberg

The things I care about:

My overall health and sanity. I will not be able to provide for my family without taking care of the basics: eat well, sleep well, and put the body to its paces.

My family. It’s an entirely different life once we decided to build a family. A hidden capacity has been unlocked and also with less tolerance for BS and a greater sense of urgency. I now have to consider the family’s interests in my decisions.

My colleagues and the work that I produce with them. When working with a team, I had to consider our complementary skills and where we can best contribute to our goals. As an individual contributor, I do not like doing half-measures. Granted corners will inevitably be cut, I aim to do the best possible work with the constraints given.

My friends who I have managed to keep for so long. Some of the friends we’ve made remember a different version of myself, as if their working copy needs rebasing.

In some ways I would like to be able to influence the things I care about. While I’m still able, I would like them to stay important.

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