The Battle of Helm’s Deep

I’m currently migrating a production Kubernetes cluster from Helm v2 to v3.

Helm v2 has been long deprecated. We’ve been using Helm to install our services for almost 4 years, but Helm v2 has been deprecated since last year and everyone seems to have moved to Helm v3.

Helm v3 no longer depends on a server-side daemon called Tiller, which coordinates the installation of Kubernetes resources from a chart’s template.

This is a problem not unique to myself

Props to the Helm team for creating a helpful migration video. This has eased a lot of my worry of breaking not just one, but multiple services running in our production cluster. I was able to go through the tutorial and was able to migrate one Redis release. I could leave still use Helm v2 in our deployments, which is highly appreciated.

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