Wandering, Part One

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. – Lewis Carroll

My father gave that quote to me as he asked what my plans were after high school. He was willing to pay for college, but I had to decide what to study and see it through until graduation. I chose to study computer science despite discouragement of people around me at the time.

I mentioned luck (fortunate accidents) played a part in getting into a computer science program because I barely prepared for the exam. Staying in the program is a different problem. Not knowing what a computer science program entailed, I struggled for the first half of my stay at university. Things started to turn to a point where I had to convince university officials that I could finish the course.

I finished while working part-time at the university and eventually stayed a few years more to consult for them on software projects. This was the time when the World Wide Web has started to transform to Web 2.0.

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