Where It Started

Where the author writes about who he is and why he’s here.

I’ve setup this journal as a way to recall my journey in computing and how computers have influenced my decisions, good or bad.

Back in 1991, my mother’s friend (Ann) had an IBM PC XT at home (640KB of memory and no hard drives). Ann taught me how to boot up the machine using a floppy disk and start programs such as WordStar and PrintMaster. I played DOS games with her kids who are close to my age. I spent at least one summer there, with the occasional visits until 1994. Ann died on the same year and my mother died two years after.

A few months after my mother died, it was time to decide which course to take in college. With only a practical understanding of computing (no programming classes in high school), I applied for a computer science program at a university. Luckily I passed the entrance exam.

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