Everything has a price

How much are you willing to pay to acquire something? Furthermore, once you’ve acquired it, was it worth the price you paid?

From Financial Advice for My New Daughter:

The price of a busy career is time away from friends and family. The price of long-term market returns is uncertainty and volatility. The price of spoiling kids is their sheltered life. Everything worthwhile has a price, and most of those prices are hidden. They’re are often worth paying, but never ignore that they are true costs. When you accept this you’ll view things like time, relationships, autonomy, and creativity as currencies that are as valuable as cash.

Starting from knowing what to avoid (e.g., absentee parent, debt burden, bad health, etc.), I would have to play my remaining years by not brute-forcing through life. I believe there’s a sweet spot (if I’m not already on it) between growing a family and having a fulfilling career; I just have to play in such a way that it does not lean toward a maximal outcome for only one side. I hope that makes sense.

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