I’ve been considering maintaining a personal site for quite some time now. Early this year, my GitHub Pages site was restarted and went quiet after two posts.

Last month, I found this domain to be available and immediately bought it. I also considered hosting a static site on S3, but gave up because of having too much configuration =/

After much googling, I’ve settled back to GitHub Pages. Having markdown and publishing using git push is a big plus for me (it’s like coding!).

This post is an attempt to reproduce my steps (in case I decide to do this again):

Install Jekyll

gem install jekyll

Generate a site

jekyll new nestor.wtf

The latest version of jekyll uses a theme called minima, packaged as a gem. Tweaking the stylesheet is out of scope.

Customize _config

This file includes the site’s metadata (e.g. title, contact information, etc.).

Test locally

jekyll serve

Create a GitHub project

See nestor-wtf.

Enable GitHub Pages

Go to Settings and enable GitHub Pages. I enabled custom domain (nestor.wtf) for this site.

Force HTTPS traffic

One problem of using custom domains is that you are no longer able to correctly use github.io SSL certificate. Instead, I followed this tutorial and signed up for a free account at Cloudflare.