I’ve put aside setting up Kuberenetes on DigitalOcean and instead use Google Container Engine. I’ve briefly tried their Quickstart project and was impressed.

My goal would be to setup the Guestbook application on a demo cluster.

Create a new project

Use the dashboard


Install the Google Cloud SDK

I followed the instructions here to setup the Google Cloud (gcloud) toolchain.

Initialize gcloud

gcloud init

You will need to login with your Google credentials to continue.

Enable APIs

  • Compute Engine API
  • Container Engine API


This is the tutorial for Google Container Engine.

Set your zone to us-central1-b:

gcloud config set compute/zone us-central1-b

Create a cluster:

gcloud container clusters create guestbook

List clusters:

gcloud container clusters list

You may need to setup default application credentials

Follow the rest of the tutorial to deploy the guestbook web application to the cluster.

We’re not in Kansas anymore

The guestbook application is composed of several components. A pod is a group of containers. Each pod is by default not exposed to the rest of the cluster and you will need to run a service in front of a pod. Scaling each service is the job of the replication controller.


Remove the frontend service to return the public IP address to Google:

kubectl delete services frontend

Delete the guestbook cluster:

gcloud container clusters delete guestbook

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